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Business management software

Business management software provider Best Software on Friday unveiled plans to combine the strength of its many product lines to deliver industry-specific solutions it is calling “Best Suites”.

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Business management applications

“Business owners today want business management applications that are highly integrated and that work the way their industries work,” Verni said. “Through our aggressive program of product acquisition, integration and internal development, we are able to deliver Best Suites for a range of industries representing clear solutions to answer those needs.”

Best Software Common Desktop

Best Suite that is right for their work processes,

Customers can select modules from a complete Best Suite that is right for their work processes, industry, and business size, he said. The suites will provide out-of- the-box integration to deliver data seamlessly throughout an enterprise. Integration of the product portfolios is made possible by two Best Software technologies: Best Software Integration Framework and Best Software Common Desktop.

Best Software Integration Framework

Best Software parent

Best Software Integration Framework provides a common protocol that enables data and process integration between Best Software front- and back-office applications and third-party solutions. Integration Framework is a technology based on Microsoft .NET and XML standards. Initial implementations of Integration Framework are being shipped in Europe, integrating SalesLogix with Line 100, an accounting product marketed by Best Software parent, The Sage Group.

Best Software applications

Best Software Common Desktop offers a single point of entry for users to organize and access Best Software applications. The Common Desktop will provide a common interface across Best Software applications. .

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several company acquisitions

Best Software has gained industry expertise through several company acquisitions, including Timberline for construction and real estate, both the MAS and ACCPAC product lines, which have deep roots in manufacturing and distribution, MIP for nonprofit organizations, and CPASoftware for accounting professionals.

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Oracle, NetSuite End Small Business Agreement

Business software service provider NetSuite has ended its 3-year licensing agreement with Oracle, under which NetSuite had been marketing a version of its suite of ERP, CRM and accounting applications under the Oracle Small Business Suite name.

The agreement began in June 2001, and was hailed by analysts as a beneficial move for both companies.

For NetSuite, the deal brought the necessary credibility and clout of the Oracle brand to its fledgling service, sweeping away the main objection cited by prospective small business subscribers to all ASP startups — “How do I know you’ll be here a year from now?”

For Oracle, the deal brought much-needed experience and understanding of the small business market. NetSuite had climbed a steep learning curve for two years before the deal, as a pioneering provider of online accounting and e-business functionality for small businesses. In the process, it had discovered that many of the original received wisdoms about selling online applications to the small business market were just plain wrong.

The licensing agreement was never intended as anything more than a revenue-sharing partnership. Oracle was merely one of NetSuite’s OEM customers — a virtual ASP, delivering the NetSuite service under its own brand. According to NetSuite, only a small portion of its business was derived from sales of the Oracle Small Business Suite.

“Oracle and NetSuite have agreed to end a sales and marketing relationship whereby NetSuite marketed and sold a product that they designed named Oracle Small Business Suite. This has been a beneficial relationship for Oracle and NetSuite and both companies agree that ending the relationship simply eliminates the possibility for confusion in the marketplace,” an Oracle spokesperson told ASPnews.

NetSuite has been targeting larger companies recently. The March release of NetSuite 9.5 included advanced billing, analytics, and communications features. In May, the company adding enhanced ERP functions.

“This continues the path we’ve been on of bringing more and more high-end ERP features into the online model that we’ve established,” Zach Nelson, NetSuite CEO, told ASPnews at the time. “This will open new markets for us, particularly in larger companies. Just as importantly, it brings high-end features down to the low end of the market.”

NetSuite has always had a close relationship with Oracle. The company’s four founders were Oracle alumni, and Oracle CEO Larry Ellison personally put up the financing to found NetSuite in early 1999, and still owns close to half the company.

Oracle has been stepping up its own web-based software activities, which it delivers through its recently renamed Oracle On Demand division. In March, the company reported that it had signed several outsourcing deals, which were a primary factor in the company’s growth.

Add a Virtual Salesperson to eBay Listings

Providing live sales support in connection your eBay sales is a great way to make a pitch or clinch the sale for uncertain buyers — but one of its major limitations is the cost of simply being making live help available. Now, Oddcast has launched a way for sellers to offer similar support using virtual, talking salespeople.

New York-based Oddcast’s Vhost SitePal product — an animated, speech-equipped character that talks to buyers and answers questions — now supports publishing to live eBay auctions, and can serve roles ranging from customer support to sales.

“We do see some of our clients using it as an FAQ, so if you have a question, click and it answers you,” said Oddcast Chief Executive Adi Sideman. “For the most part, because visitors have such short attention spans, often they’d just rather hear than read, so it’s used in 90 percent of the time for a quick elevator pitch about why this business is great, why this product is good, why you should pick up the phone and call.”

“The benefits that [businesses] see are basically what they call enhanced lead generation — the ability to communicate better with people to give them most important product information,” Sideman added. “The result is, they’re seeing increased sales at the end of the month, increased leads, etc. Obviously, on eBay, one of the most important things is the ability to communicate so you can build trust between the buyer and seller, and … by attaching a virtual salesperson, it helps do that.”

Creating a Vhost SitePal, which is to be officially launched this week at eBay’s eBay Live conference, is fairly straightforward. A merchant can customize the character’s appearance using 20 basic models and a bevy of add-ons, like background, clothes, jewelry, and so on. Users can even upload an image of themselves to serve as the model’s face.

To add audio to the mix, users can upload their own voice to serve as the character’s, or use the system’s built-in text-to-speech capabilities. Clicking on the “Publish to eBay” button enables sellers to add the final character into their listing, and customize its layout on the page.

Oddcast charges $10 per month for SitePal’s Web service, plus an additional $3 monthly for supporting up to five simultaneous eBay auctions.

While the idea of using an artificial, animated salesperson to field customer questions might seem a tad unorthodox, Oddcast has attracted more than 1,500 small and medium-sized businesses to the product, using it on their Web sites.

Manage Your Finances With The Top Accounting Software In Malaysia

Manage Your Finances With The Top Accounting Software In Malaysia

The most common reason for a business’s failure is considered to be the absence of good financial management software. The FMS or the financial management system is a system that helps in a warning in case of a shortage of cash in the business. There are different softwares that do a combined work of finance software, accounting software, and budgeting software. Nobody these days does manual bookkeeping; it is outdated and quite slow. In today’s fast-growing environment, the use of a financial management system is quite necessary. Let us discuss it in details and the features of project management software.

Features of project management software

In the world of technological advancements, the owners of both small and medium-sized businesses should necessarily choose financial management software, which helps not only in maintaining the finances but also helps in managing the account and the budget of an organization, that can help in solving the problems and the challenges that the business can face in the future. The financial management system is like the backbone of an organization that helps the enterprise in reporting and planning. The financial management software or the top accounting software in Malaysia like has quite a lot of features:

  • Project management
  • User dashboard
  • Schedule management
  • Project accounting
  • Time tracking
  • Expense tracking
  • Budgeted tasks
  • File sharing
  • Calendar share
  • Mobile application
  • Task assignment
  • Project accounting
  • Resource scheduling
  • Data export
  • Custom reporting
  • Resource allocation
  • Forecasting
  • Building of reports

The right software

Almost all the financial management softwares have improved with time, which makes it difficult for one to choose the right one; so the big question that arises is that how to select the right software for your business? Well, there are a few ways by which one can choose the right software.

  • The budget- It is better if every business organization chooses a team of 5 to 6 people who can look after selecting the right financial management software. This way, they are the ones who would fix a budget that can be used for the software, and then they can communicate their suggestions with the other members. The budget that the core team would decide has to include the cost of the software, the hardware, training of the staff regarding the software, support, and maintenance.
  • Identify your problems- If you are keen on using financial management software, then you should be aware of the problems that are there in your system. Make a list of issues, weaknesses, shortcomings that you are facing in your business organization. Try finding out the problem and whether there is a problem with your vendor or with the software; if the problem is with the software, it is better to replace it.
  • Ask the IT staff- The IT staff has all the information regarding the different technologies that would suit your organization. They have an idea and can help in choosing the right financial management software.

Financial management software has become a necessity in today’s fast-paced life.





Microsoft to Offer ERP in the Cloud

Microsoft to Offer ERP in the Cloud

Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) today announced plans to offer ERP in the cloud, and the software giant also had a number of product announcements across its Dynamics ERP and CRM product line (see Microsoft Updates Dynamics SL and AX ERP Offerings).

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced the company’s plans in front of 9,000 attendees at Convergence 2011 in Atlanta. “We believe that ERP and CRM should be for everyone,” Ballmer told conference attendees.

The software giant said the next major releases of its four Dynamics ERP solutions will run on the Windows Azure cloud platform, and Microsoft is also offering a profitability guide to help partners capitalize on the cloud, including in the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace.

Microsoft also previewed its forthcoming Dynamics AX 2012 release, which the company said offers a unified business process repository, a model-driven architecture, and “simplicity that comes from a familiar user experience and built-in collaboration tools.”

Dynamics AX 2012 will include prebuilt industry capabilities and comprehensive core ERP functionality for financial, human resources and operations management, Microsoft said. Unified Natural Models will offer a library of business processes, and Microsoft also promises an intuitive RoleTailored experience, a familiar Microsoft Office user interface and integrated business intelligence.

The Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 beta is available now, and general availability is expected in August.

Also at the conference, Microsoft discussed a number of other product announcements across its Dynamics product line, including the general availability of Dynamics SL 2011, which includes integration with Microsoft Project 2010; the on-premises version of Dynamics CRM 2011; Dynamics NAV 2009 R2, which offers built-in integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and enhanced data visualization capabilities; and Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 R2, which will offer business intelligence improvements and be generally available on May 1.

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The company will begin to roll out its vertical initiatives over the next 12-24 months, as it implements Common Desktop and Integration Framework into its products..

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Best Suites include solutions for accounting practices, construction, distribution, manufacturing, nonprofit, and real estate, according to Best Software CEO Ron Verni.

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In addition, using HTML, the Common Desktop will deliver unique user content, such as software maintenance, updates and product enhancements, based on the customer’s products and versions.

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